As part of our New Year’s resolutions we would like to invite all members of the Rhode Island Chapter of the AIA and archaeology enthusiasts to imagine a new, more inclusive, engaging and stronger Narragansett Society! We want to hear from all of you. Don’t hold back—we want your input, ideas, suggestions, complaints, and wishes. This is an opportunity for all the members of the society to have a say and mold the future of the organization, including aims and activities of the society according to their interests and needs.


Join our conversation series this January 2014. Tweet, comment on our blog, email us, post on our Facebook wall and be a part of the discussion!

We have devoted each week in January to a specific topic, but if there is something that you would like to share and it is not listed under any category below, please submit it so that we may include it in our conversation.

A new blog post at the end of each week in January will feature a summary, comments, and outcomes of the topic at hand.

So mark the dates:

1/1/2014-1/8/2014: EVENTS

This week we are talking about events and we ask you to tell us what events you would like the Narragansett Society to organize for its members and the Rhode Island community in general. These can be weekend activities, hands-on workshops, discussion forums, etc.—your call! We would also like feedback on the events we planned for you in 2013! Were you able to join us? Did you have the information you needed? Are we doing a good job publicizing our evenst? Give us advice!

One of the main annual events of the AIA is International Archaeology Day, so let us know if you joined us this year and share your experiences! Let us know if you have ideas and suggestions for the upcoming Archaeology Day in October 2014.


1/9/2014- 1/16/2014 SCHOOL OUTREACH

Most of us knew we wanted to be archaeologists from around the age of 9 so we like to stir enthusiasm for the past from a young age! How can we engage more with our local schools? How can we help them understand the value and the relevance of the past in our own lives? What activities would the school students enjoy? How can we work more closely with teachers and parents to introduce an experiential way of learning about the past? Students, parents, and teachers, let your voices be heard!


1/17/2014- 1/24/2014 LECTURE SERIES

Every year we are fortunate to host a series of lectures from renowned archaeologists sponsored by the AIA. Many of these lectures gravitate heavily in the archaeology of the Greco-Roman world. We want to know if you are interested in attending lectures about other geographic regions and time periods. Rhode Island is home to many academic institutions with archaeologists and anthropologists working all over the world and we are looking for ways to bring their work to our Rhode Island community;  so help us with your ideas, comments, suggestions to make this a reality. In addition, one  area  we feel is missing is more lectures on Rhode Island archaeology and if you have an  interest in local archaeology or work in this field, reach out and let us know how we can accommodate your interests and promote your work!



For the last couple of years the Narragansett Society has been run by postdoctoral fellows and graduates students in Archaeology at Brown University. While it is a pleasure and honor to serve at these positions we want to encourage colleagues from other institutions and interested parties to also be involved.

The society will benefit greatly from more stability that would allow for long-term planning and stronger ties to local societies, schools, and other cultural and educational institutions.

Graduate students, colleagues, and archaeology enthusiasts: we need your help to build a stronger society, so please join us in running the Narragansett Society! It is not very time-consuming, it is fun, it provides the opportunity to meet leading figures in the field, collaborate with a variety of institutions and work on your organization and communication skills!