AIA Lecture November 13 – Dr. Jean Turfa

Join us on Thursday November 13 at 6:30 PM for a talk by Etruscan archaeologist Dr. Jean Turfa titled “Top śar (10) Recent Breakthroughs in Etruscan Archaeology.” See Dr. Turfa’s abstract below for more information. Q&A and reception will follow.

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You may not yet know it, but real Etruscans wore plaid, had to accommodate women drivers, built high-speed sailing ships, and availed themselves of quite sophisticated plumbing. You may not know it, but you just might be Etruscan – or be unwittingly using inventions the Etruscans (via Roman culture) gave us, such as the “Latin” alphabet, “Roman” numerals, and gabled wooden houses. Ten recent discoveries show how much our own culture relies on the breakthroughs of Etruscan innovators of the first millennium BC, and just how avant-garde this culture really was.

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